Your PacketTrap PSA account has been moved to BlueFolder.

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Why am I seeing this page?

"PacketTrap PSA" is being renamed to "BlueFolder". In July 2014, BlueFolder Software reached an agreement with Dell Software to assume control of all business operations for the PacketTrap PSA and BlueFolder software products. Subsequent to that agreement, BlueFolder Software has been working towards a consolidation of the PacketTrap PSA and BlueFolder products. This rename is part of that effort.

What is BlueFolder?

BlueFolder is the "parent product" of PacketTrap PSA (which was created in June 2012 as a rebranded version of the BlueFolder product). BlueFolder is a web-based application for field service businesses. It was originally developed and released in 2006 and was acquired by Quest Software in February 2012. A few months later, a new version of BlueFolder was released and was named PacketTrap PSA. In October 2012, Dell Software purchased Quest Software along with the BlueFolder and PacketTrap PSA products.

Will my account change?

Not at this time. Your PacketTrap PSA account will continue to function exactly as it did before the name change. Of course, we will be enhancing and modifying the product in the future as a normal part of our business, but there are no functional changes associated with this name change.

I have more questions, can I talk to someone?

Absolutely! We welcome your questions and our support team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (Mountain). Please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 719-896-2584.